Masterkeykovach week 23

Good webinar – good talk at the end – happy thoughts expressed. Looking at how much has changed within me got me to thinking about the color coding we did at the beginning. The hardest thing for me is not the silence, which I love, nor the kindness, none of that. The hard thing for me is not flashing angry at anything I perceive as an attack or a situation I feel needs my protection. Asking a Scorpio to be a warrior in only the mental and spiritual sense is a tall order. Hence the thoughts about the color coding. I came out a red w/ lots of blue. A Scorp’s  zodiac color is purple, coincidence ? Looking over my life I have reacted as more a maroon, since taking the course I am becoming more lilac. I like the work of learning more control of my emotions. In karate I was good at attack , less good deflection. Nice to be studying that part. Sounds like everyone is having good outcomes and loving the Universe’s support of their intentions.I know I am grateful to feel more and more cement falling and the lightness of movement coming from that.

Back to using all this in my businesses, and “Yea”. Thanking the Universe and my “subby” for leading me to Masterkey and allowing me to slack my thirst. And I knew I was Very thirsty.


Blessed Be

masterkeyKovach week 20

As soon as I heard the words ” expand your comfort zone ” my brain flooded. I suddenly understand for the first time what “pushing the envelop” means. I didn’t even finish the webcast, I didn’t want to forget what I  was thinking. Expanding the area w/in the lines we have drawn for ourselves. Of course ! Now I must go back and finish listening before I finish this.

OK, Back – responsible for our own life, built on day to day decisions, of course. My worry is always the thought I have projected w/ great intensity of emotion when upset. I have reaped the harvest of those errant thoughts, and it is Not pretty. Have been learning I can sometimes ” take it back “, ask for a “do over” as long as the new thought is as heart-felt.

I don’t see the problem w/ being grateful for the good I have , and still concentrating on manifesting more. So, okay – taking responsibility, expanding the comfort zone, manifesting all I desire that supports the greater good – on to tomorrow.

Blessed Be

MasterkeyKovach week 18

Looking at the world right now , w/ special attention to the US and WA state, I. like millions other, am thrown back to the 60’s and before. The lines have formed between the past and the future, and who wants to go where. This has happened all through man’s history. The greater the person or idea that appears and tries to push through old ideas and established ways the greater the push-back from the status quo. Some believe we’ve made great strides toward a better future some are terrified of losing  what they know and find comfort in.

The MKE has been great in showing perspective on this. WE are changing evolving w/ out fear of the future.Strange to see many people clinging to their cement even trying to pick up pieces that have fallen off and paste them back on. While those of us in this course can’t get it off and walk away fast enough.

It is difficult to live above the fray w/out responding to what we might consider true threats to our Earth ( our Mother ). I for one lose that battle almost daily. However, I don’t engage as I would have. I had all ready began pulling back from the world drama stage and MKE has given more reason to continue doing that. The people of the World must decide who they want to be, which path to embrace.Once again we stand on the precipice and I for one am jumping , w/ the firm belief I can fly.

Week 18 – Life is RICH !!

Master Key Master Mind Alliance = James Jowers

There was a fellow in my life before I knew the real meaning of mentor.  He was near 70 with a long white beard, his name was Red.  He introduced me to the iChing and said it contained everything that a person needed to remain on a path of Wellness.

Things would happen and he would say, “Life is Rich.”

He taught me the real meaning of the word rich.  That all of life was truly rich for the person having the experience.  If you held the right perspective.  If you truly owned it.

These last couple of weeks have been absolutely full of adventure and wonder.

New value, new meaning, new perspective…

It is like being on a bridge between what was and what is to Be.  It is kind of surreal.  It is the highest euphoria I have ever experienced.  Perfectly balanced and even keeled.  Comforting.

Your walking…

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MasterkeyKovach week 17

I am a craft witch. We do not believe in a god of air, god of water , what was explained as this and that. It is good to read people’s posts and know that most do not subscribe to snap judgments of others. I agreed w/ the main ideas of lesson 17. It is good for us to remember what it is ” to be “. When we are children our play is our reality. We”are “what we play we are. We become one w/ the reality of our play world don’t we ? The sense of loss when we grow up and set that ability aside to deal w/ what others tell us is our reality feels empty. So now we are re- learning what we did as children so well. We are re-learning to create a world where we taste what we imagine we are eating, feel the elements we imagine we are are in. Experience the emotions that the personae we have taken on is experiencing. We set up scenarios that we must then navigate to reach the goal we have set to win the day. We know we will win because that is the point. Good overcomes evil easily. If we get tired or hungry or wet or dirty we put off stopping until we drop from exhaustion or someone makes us. Well. we are adults now. Who is there to make us ?  I light a candle, send my intention to the universe and simply expect it to be fulfilled. Because the Universe wants what is best for me. So I must be careful that my intention doesn’t cause ill to another.

So let’s play, let’s dance, let’s light our candles and let them burn carrying our intentions up and out. Let’s remember how it’s done, and do it.


MasterkeyKovachWeek 16

This week brings to mind a loving mentor. He was a wise shaman of the old religion. He reminded me always  of my family and community’s fundamental belief that the only true sin is unkindness. That that is the true root of all evil. If someone is unkind that sends ripples as well. A child who is treated unkindly grows up resentful, etc. There have been many times in my life, perhaps because of being an aspei, I have not known what to say or do when I wanted to help. So, I fell back on the creed, and tried to be kind, As I grew and had more cement poured on me from the outside world schools jobs etc., I became harder, even less flexible. ( And believe me That would seem impossible ) So I am grateful for the kindness the course has shown in having this kindness week. I love the comfort I feel as I hear the chunks of cement falling off and breaking on the ground all around me.

I am enjoying all of your blogs. Thank you for that kindness as well.