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without a thought or a word, she let go.
She let go of the fear.
She let go of the judgments.
She let go of the opinions swarming around her head.
She let go of the committee of indecision within her.
She let go of all the “right” reasons. Wholly and completely, without hesitation or worry, she just let go.
She didn’t ask for advice. She didn’t read a book on how to let go. She just let go.
She let go of all the memories that held her back.
She let go of all the anxiety that kept her from moving forward.
She let go of all the planning and all the calculation, about how to do it just right.
In the space of letting go, she let it all be. A smile came over her face. A light breeze blew through her. And the sun and moon shone forever more. ~ Written by Ernest Holmes (1887 – 1960)

Just perfect, nothing to add right now


MasterkeyKovach continuation

My business up-line sent me this today. I thought it might be of benefit to some, as well as fitting in w/ our course.

from Shirzad the author of POSITIVE INTELLIGENCE.

What do you think is the #1 difference between a world champion and the runners up?

Hint: It’s not skill. It’s not training or fitness. It’s not even motivation and how badly they want to win.

The Answer: Recovery time. The speed in which they rebound from setbacks and mistakes.

Picture a tennis player in the game of her life. She has just hit a weak backhand and she knows it.

In the immediate moments that follow, we see her re-center physically into the “ready” position, facing the net squarely, ready for whatever type of ball comes back.

But an even more important factor is whether she re-centers mentally and gets into the ready mind position in time…

…because here’s the thing. If half her mind is still upset over her last mistake, by the time the next ball comes she will smash the ball into the net.

If you don’t recover fast enough, your small mistakes or setbacks can spiral into bigger ones.

Champions know this. They know how to recover fast—mentally.

How fast is your recovery time?

When you experience a setback – a rejection from a prospective client, getting admonished by your boss, losing your cool when talking to your teenager – how long does it take you to re-center yourself, mentally and emotionally?

The answer depends on the strength of your Saboteurs. Every Saboteur pounces into action in response to your inevitable mistakes, failures and setbacks in the game of life.

Depending on which Saboteur you’ve got …

…the Judge prolongs your recovery by obsessing over your shortcomings.

…the anxiety-fueling Saboteurs such as Hyper-Vigilant, Controller, Stickler, and Hyper-Achiever blow the negative consequences of the setback out of proportion.

…the Victim drowns you in self pity and might even cause you to give up.

…the Avoider shields you in denial, resulting in inaction.

…and so on.

In short, your Saboteurs waste a ton of your mental and emotional energy which in turn prolongs your recovery.

What would your Sage, your wise true self, do instead?

Here are the 2 Sage options:

Option 1. Actively turn the setback into a gift.

Your Sage actively embraces setbacks as opportunities for new growth, learning, and action.

A small failure leads to learning that accelerates the next huge success. A blowout conflict becomes the first step to creating greater trust and mutual understanding. Getting fired from a job becomes the chance to finally pursue your dream.

Option 2. Actively accept the setback.

Your Sage knows that if you are not choosing to actively harness the gift of a setback, the only other wise choice is to actively accept it and let it be. Make full peace with it.

So, to use a hiking metaphor, if a big boulder rolls in and blocks your path, there are really only two wise categories of choices:

…either actively create a gift by learning how to climb or move the big boulder, exploring an exciting new path forward, etc. (option 1).

…or actively accept the situation and feel peace about cutting your hike short. Stop, sit on the side of the boulder, hear the birds, enjoy the breeze. (option 2).

If you bang against the boulder repeatedly in frustration, or curse your luck, or anxiously anticipate rolling boulders everywhere, your Saboteurs have won.

When facing setbacks, choose a Sage option. You’ll recover much faster, with your mind ready for what’s next.

Let me know how it goes.

With gratitude,

One could easily substitute subby for sage, right ?

Good April to all –

MasterkeyKovach week 24

Wow! Time flies. Loved the reading, the science, more excuse for sitting and manifesting.

I grew up being told ” If you let them , everything will turn out as it should. Stop getting in your own way.” Unfortunately I listened to the outsiders too much. Let “them” get into my head and tripped over things I had dropped in my path. Bless this course for helping me get back to me.

Most people have the right instincts. They wouldn’t stop to think things out if they saw a child wander in front of a car. Yet they don’t trust themselves to do what their own center is telling them to do. I now concentrate on the things that went right, the times I was detained that could have saved a life because I had to wait. The road less traveled but something whispered ” Go that way”.

Thank you Universe for always having my back. Businesses are building, good people coming into my life. Thank you everyone for your combined kindness to others.Blessed Be




Masterkeykovach week 23

Good webinar – good talk at the end – happy thoughts expressed. Looking at how much has changed within me got me to thinking about the color coding we did at the beginning. The hardest thing for me is not the silence, which I love, nor the kindness, none of that. The hard thing for me is not flashing angry at anything I perceive as an attack or a situation I feel needs my protection. Asking a Scorpio to be a warrior in only the mental and spiritual sense is a tall order. Hence the thoughts about the color coding. I came out a red w/ lots of blue. A Scorp’s  zodiac color is purple, coincidence ? Looking over my life I have reacted as more a maroon, since taking the course I am becoming more lilac. I like the work of learning more control of my emotions. In karate I was good at attack , less good deflection. Nice to be studying that part. Sounds like everyone is having good outcomes and loving the Universe’s support of their intentions.I know I am grateful to feel more and more cement falling and the lightness of movement coming from that.

Back to using all this in my businesses, and “Yea”. Thanking the Universe and my “subby” for leading me to Masterkey and allowing me to slack my thirst. And I knew I was Very thirsty.


Blessed Be

masterkeyKovach week 20

As soon as I heard the words ” expand your comfort zone ” my brain flooded. I suddenly understand for the first time what “pushing the envelop” means. I didn’t even finish the webcast, I didn’t want to forget what I  was thinking. Expanding the area w/in the lines we have drawn for ourselves. Of course ! Now I must go back and finish listening before I finish this.

OK, Back – responsible for our own life, built on day to day decisions, of course. My worry is always the thought I have projected w/ great intensity of emotion when upset. I have reaped the harvest of those errant thoughts, and it is Not pretty. Have been learning I can sometimes ” take it back “, ask for a “do over” as long as the new thought is as heart-felt.

I don’t see the problem w/ being grateful for the good I have , and still concentrating on manifesting more. So, okay – taking responsibility, expanding the comfort zone, manifesting all I desire that supports the greater good – on to tomorrow.

Blessed Be

MasterkeyKovach week 18

Looking at the world right now , w/ special attention to the US and WA state, I. like millions other, am thrown back to the 60’s and before. The lines have formed between the past and the future, and who wants to go where. This has happened all through man’s history. The greater the person or idea that appears and tries to push through old ideas and established ways the greater the push-back from the status quo. Some believe we’ve made great strides toward a better future some are terrified of losing  what they know and find comfort in.

The MKE has been great in showing perspective on this. WE are changing evolving w/ out fear of the future.Strange to see many people clinging to their cement even trying to pick up pieces that have fallen off and paste them back on. While those of us in this course can’t get it off and walk away fast enough.

It is difficult to live above the fray w/out responding to what we might consider true threats to our Earth ( our Mother ). I for one lose that battle almost daily. However, I don’t engage as I would have. I had all ready began pulling back from the world drama stage and MKE has given more reason to continue doing that. The people of the World must decide who they want to be, which path to embrace.Once again we stand on the precipice and I for one am jumping , w/ the firm belief I can fly.

Week 18 – Life is RICH !!

Master Key Experience = Go90Grow = James Jowers

There was a fellow in my life before I knew the real meaning of mentor.  He was near 70 with a long white beard, his name was Red.  He introduced me to the iChing and said it contained everything that a person needed to remain on a path of Wellness.

Things would happen and he would say, “Life is Rich.”

He taught me the real meaning of the word rich.  That all of life was truly rich for the person having the experience.  If you held the right perspective.  If you truly owned it.

These last couple of weeks have been absolutely full of adventure and wonder.

New value, new meaning, new perspective…

It is like being on a bridge between what was and what is to Be.  It is kind of surreal.  It is the highest euphoria I have ever experienced.  Perfectly balanced and even keeled.  Comforting.

Your walking…

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