MasterkeyKovach week 24

Wow! Time flies. Loved the reading, the science, more excuse for sitting and manifesting.

I grew up being told ” If you let them , everything will turn out as it should. Stop getting in your own way.” Unfortunately I listened to the outsiders too much. Let “them” get into my head and tripped over things I had dropped in my path. Bless this course for helping me get back to me.

Most people have the right instincts. They wouldn’t stop to think things out if they saw a child wander in front of a car. Yet they don’t trust themselves to do what their own center is telling them to do. I now concentrate on the things that went right, the times I was detained that could have saved a life because I had to wait. The road less traveled but something whispered ” Go that way”.

Thank you Universe for always having my back. Businesses are building, good people coming into my life. Thank you everyone for your combined kindness to others.Blessed Be





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