Masterkeykovach week 23

Good webinar – good talk at the end – happy thoughts expressed. Looking at how much has changed within me got me to thinking about the color coding we did at the beginning. The hardest thing for me is not the silence, which I love, nor the kindness, none of that. The hard thing for me is not flashing angry at anything I perceive as an attack or a situation I feel needs my protection. Asking a Scorpio to be a warrior in only the mental and spiritual sense is a tall order. Hence the thoughts about the color coding. I came out a red w/ lots of blue. A Scorp’s  zodiac color is purple, coincidence ? Looking over my life I have reacted as more a maroon, since taking the course I am becoming more lilac. I like the work of learning more control of my emotions. In karate I was good at attack , less good deflection. Nice to be studying that part. Sounds like everyone is having good outcomes and loving the Universe’s support of their intentions.I know I am grateful to feel more and more cement falling and the lightness of movement coming from that.

Back to using all this in my businesses, and “Yea”. Thanking the Universe and my “subby” for leading me to Masterkey and allowing me to slack my thirst. And I knew I was Very thirsty.


Blessed Be


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