masterkeyKovach week 20

As soon as I heard the words ” expand your comfort zone ” my brain flooded. I suddenly understand for the first time what “pushing the envelop” means. I didn’t even finish the webcast, I didn’t want to forget what I  was thinking. Expanding the area w/in the lines we have drawn for ourselves. Of course ! Now I must go back and finish listening before I finish this.

OK, Back – responsible for our own life, built on day to day decisions, of course. My worry is always the thought I have projected w/ great intensity of emotion when upset. I have reaped the harvest of those errant thoughts, and it is Not pretty. Have been learning I can sometimes ” take it back “, ask for a “do over” as long as the new thought is as heart-felt.

I don’t see the problem w/ being grateful for the good I have , and still concentrating on manifesting more. So, okay – taking responsibility, expanding the comfort zone, manifesting all I desire that supports the greater good – on to tomorrow.

Blessed Be


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