MasterkeyKovach week 18

Looking at the world right now , w/ special attention to the US and WA state, I. like millions other, am thrown back to the 60’s and before. The lines have formed between the past and the future, and who wants to go where. This has happened all through man’s history. The greater the person or idea that appears and tries to push through old ideas and established ways the greater the push-back from the status quo. Some believe we’ve made great strides toward a better future some are terrified of losing  what they know and find comfort in.

The MKE has been great in showing perspective on this. WE are changing evolving w/ out fear of the future.Strange to see many people clinging to their cement even trying to pick up pieces that have fallen off and paste them back on. While those of us in this course can’t get it off and walk away fast enough.

It is difficult to live above the fray w/out responding to what we might consider true threats to our Earth ( our Mother ). I for one lose that battle almost daily. However, I don’t engage as I would have. I had all ready began pulling back from the world drama stage and MKE has given more reason to continue doing that. The people of the World must decide who they want to be, which path to embrace.Once again we stand on the precipice and I for one am jumping , w/ the firm belief I can fly.


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