MasterkeyKovach week 17

I am a craft witch. We do not believe in a god of air, god of water , what was explained as this and that. It is good to read people’s posts and know that most do not subscribe to snap judgments of others. I agreed w/ the main ideas of lesson 17. It is good for us to remember what it is ” to be “. When we are children our play is our reality. We”are “what we play we are. We become one w/ the reality of our play world don’t we ? The sense of loss when we grow up and set that ability aside to deal w/ what others tell us is our reality feels empty. So now we are re- learning what we did as children so well. We are re-learning to create a world where we taste what we imagine we are eating, feel the elements we imagine we are are in. Experience the emotions that the personae we have taken on is experiencing. We set up scenarios that we must then navigate to reach the goal we have set to win the day. We know we will win because that is the point. Good overcomes evil easily. If we get tired or hungry or wet or dirty we put off stopping until we drop from exhaustion or someone makes us. Well. we are adults now. Who is there to make us ?  I light a candle, send my intention to the universe and simply expect it to be fulfilled. Because the Universe wants what is best for me. So I must be careful that my intention doesn’t cause ill to another.

So let’s play, let’s dance, let’s light our candles and let them burn carrying our intentions up and out. Let’s remember how it’s done, and do it.



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