MasterkeyKovachWeek 16

This week brings to mind a loving mentor. He was a wise shaman of the old religion. He reminded me always  of my family and community’s fundamental belief that the only true sin is unkindness. That that is the true root of all evil. If someone is unkind that sends ripples as well. A child who is treated unkindly grows up resentful, etc. There have been many times in my life, perhaps because of being an aspei, I have not known what to say or do when I wanted to help. So, I fell back on the creed, and tried to be kind, As I grew and had more cement poured on me from the outside world schools jobs etc., I became harder, even less flexible. ( And believe me That would seem impossible ) So I am grateful for the kindness the course has shown in having this kindness week. I love the comfort I feel as I hear the chunks of cement falling off and breaking on the ground all around me.

I am enjoying all of your blogs. Thank you for that kindness as well.



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