MasterkeyKovach Week 15

Hope you all gleaned as much joy as possible from the Holidays. May it sustain you though any challenges that come your way. I am loving this real winter weather here in the Great NW ! To smell fresh crisp air , and feel , touch, enjoy SNOW ! People are just huggier, smilier, kinder right now. This will continue from now on. At least I continue to see and feel this from people I come in contact with going forward. I think about the man who came to a new town and asked the gas station attendant , “How are people here ? The man replied, ” How were they where you’re from ?” The visitor said, ” They were terrible !”, the man said, ” You’ll find them like that here too.” Next day another man came by. Asked,” How are people around here ? ” How were they where you’re find ?”the gas man replied. ” Just wonderful ” answered the visitor. “You’ll them the same here.”, Said the gas man.


One thought on “MasterkeyKovach Week 15

  1. Nice post! it reminds me of the BBP: “The predominant thoughts of our minds reproduce themselves and transform themselves into physical reality!” and one of my favorite quotes: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!”

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