MKE week 12

Busy w/ health stuff, and difficult to see to write. But , hey, I love challenges, feels so good when I work a way around them, doesn’t it ? Yes, it is all coming together, great getting feed-back from new friends, Thank you. I will see better soon and I can read more of your blogs and really look forward to that. All that we’re learning is fitting nicely w/ the Holidays and all the strong emotions that are attached to them. Really felt torn about the bear this week. Hate that the bear would have to die. Been there though, knowing that past is hurting me in so many ways but can’t quite let go yet. Learning to trust the new me, and that she will be there for me when I finally step away.

Blessed Be , Everyone


13 thoughts on “MKE week 12

  1. Well said, Pam – in just a few words you summed up the lessons you’re embracing AND the essence of Scroll 3! – persist until you succeed. I’m so proud of you and honored to be on this journey with you! Merry Christmas!

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  2. I have finally learned to let go off my past dragons, and the Feeling is Magnificent. We are all here for you. I’d like to spread to you some Inspiration, and invite you to read my last couple of blogs, in Brenda’s Amazing Journey. Peace, and Love to you!

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