MKE week 4

Using the shapes and colors is a fun exercise. Using one and then seeing it all over is comparable I believe to buying a new car you thought was unique and as soon as you have it you see the same looking car or truck everywhere. I felt that attaching such random icons to a very personal thought or activity seemed odd at first. My ego thought it would make more sense to allow the image to appear on it’s own. However, the fact was often the obvious attachment most often did not appear at all. I was left with simple text that was not all that inspiring on it’s own. The icon made it pop , if not all that attractive on my nice neat page.Living mostly in my head proves a challenge when trying to give great emotion to a project, chore or service, Though the very act of writing it down certainly makes it more real for me.

I do love the fact that the sub-conscience has no idea of size. Part of my cement I suspect was the belief if I was going  to get the big things done at all they had to be done first. The have to s of the day if you will. It’s freeing to learn that in the real inner world everything is equal , and all must be accomplished. I guess that should be overwhelming, but it isn’t. It feels strange right now, but I’m getting to the right of it. So I let the day unfold as makes sense and less regimental.

And beat rolls on –




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