3rd week MEK blog

The art of being still is one of the most challenging exercises for someone like me. First of all , Amazon sent my books to the wrong address and I have not been able to read anything from it yet. So, I just try to do as we hear on the webinar, sit still for 15 minutes. So I sit. I think good productive thoughts. Then my hands start to twitch, my back begins to itch, I ” deal with it “. The my heart begins to squeeze inside my chest. I look at the clock , it’s been 5 minutes.  My legs are now desperate to move. It’s getting hard to breathe. Now my brain just kicks in and I fall asleep.

I continue to do the lesson, I can just concentrate better when I am moving. Maybe I will get some pointers when I get the book.


3 thoughts on “3rd week MEK blog

  1. How are you fairing now? Are your sits more manageable. Did you get your books. Have you read through Scroll One. We will be moving onto Scroll Two soon. You experienced exactly what most of us experience, because we really don’t give ourselves the time to rest and clear our minds. How can we put more into our minds when it is so filled with so much stuff… I really enjoy my sits now. And I have been doing this for 3 years. I enjoy reading others blogs and am here to encourage you to Keep on Going!!! Do not let your old Blue Print control you… you are better than that. It is cement, and your golden buddha what’s free.

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    • Thank you for your comments. One of the reasons I am taking this course is to see how it will relate to someone with Aspergers. So far so good. However I do get bogged down a bit in the details. I would imagine doing this for 3 years is quite a testament to the process. Just carry on, yes ?


    • My sits are manageable if I decide they are guided meditations instead. Thanks for asking. I received one book. I was happy to hear you are into 3 yr.s now. Does that mean you are retaking the course each time ? Hope you are doing something fun for the Holidays.Would like to follow you as well.


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