Week 2 Integrating opposites

We are told to quiet the minds to allow new thoughts to flourish, reasonable. We are told to write down a chore then tell ourselves ” Do it now ! ” x 25, OK. Unfortunately still for me , once I introduce a task and connect some urgency to it I have a great challenge quieting my mind until said task is completed. I try to read and my mind goes to the task, I try to “sit”, my mind goes to the task. I try to have a meaningful conversation, my mind goes to the task. Not just a fleeting flash, but a wholesale detailed vision . Before I can sleep I go through various scenarios  of how the task is to be accomplished.

So. how to quiet the mind ? I ask it to relax enough to come up with new ways to improve doing the chore. I envision the chore completed to my satisfaction. And most important, I do it as soon as possible. Because after it is done my mind gets busy going over how I did it and what I should have done differently.

Bless it’s little heart –





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