Why do this ?

Yes, why do this ? How does this help me process ? I suppose one thing would be that it is a bit like having a journal that you wouldn’t mind someone else seeing. My first first thoughts are about the fact that I have a physical challenge right now with my eyesight. I ruptured some arteries in my right eye and I am now typing this through a red haze and dark tendrils. So how to keep up my daily hour of training to keep my commitments ?

Well, since reading gives me a headache, I can watch more videos. Thank goodness for spell check while doing writing assignments. As my body absorbs the blood a little more each day, I find creative ways to work the tasks.

What will I learn ? How can I apply the lessons in the future ? Why did this happen just as I was starting a new sight intensive adventure ? I will have to discover the reason day by day. Good place for Mark’s ” Giddy Up “.


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